Framework Programme 7 for R&D
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  Workpackage 1: Extreme Parameters Engines
  Workpackage 2: Combustion
  Workpackage 3: Turbocharging
  Workpackage 5: Exhaust Emission Reduction
  Task 5.1
  Task 5.2
  Workpackage 6: Overall power train optimization
  Workpackage 7: Advanced Materials, Friction and Wear
  Workpackage 8: Electronics and Control
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Task 5.2: Emission reduction - Exhaust Gas Recirculation and After-treatment


  • Reduction of NOx by 80% on large two stroke diesel engines with High Pressure Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) by extreme EGR parameters and variations of engine parameters.
  • Investigate the potential increase of the high power energy recovery from the exhaust gas in the EGR system by introducing a high pressure boiler.
  • Reduction of NOx by 50% onboard a seagoing vessel by development and testing of a full-size High Pressure EGR system for the main engine of the vessel.
  • Investigate the NOx reduction potential of the Combustion Gas Recirculation (CGR) technology. Research, design, development and testing of CGR system at test plant. Goal is to reach 50% NOx reduction at test plant.
  • Reduction of the energy consumption and wastewater treatment in EGR systems by investigation on dry scrubbing technologies.
  • Investigate the necessary boundary conditions for Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) application,

Aalborg Industries A/S

MAN Diesel, filial af MAN Diesel SE, Tyskland

Technical University of Munich
Hapag Lloyd AG (EXAG)
Germanischer Lloyd AG (EXAG)
A.P. Moller-Maersk A/S (EXAG)
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