Framework Programme 7 for R&D
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  Workpackage 1: Extreme Parameters Engines
  Workpackage 2: Combustion
  Workpackage 3: Turbocharging
  Workpackage 5: Exhaust Emission Reduction
  Workpackage 6: Overall power train optimization
  Workpackage 7: Advanced Materials, Friction and Wear
  Workpackage 8: Electronics and Control
  Task 8.1
  Task 8.2
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Workpackage 8: Electronics and Control
Several novel engine components have wide adjustment and performance optimization potential, so that the engine operation can be adapted to the actual prevailing operating conditions. Development of advanced engine management systems will be performed in Workpackage 8: Electronics and Control.
Evaluation and verification of sensors for NOx, O2 and in-cylinder pressure in HFO engines will take place in parallel to development of signal processing methods for engine diagnostics. Design of on-engine electronics, as well as interfaces and bus systems with increased reliability, will improve confidence in developing and using advanced adaptive control strategies for intelligent engines. State-of-art optimization algorithms will be used for adaptive parameter selection in noisy environments and dynamic conditions. Confirmation of the functionality of adaptive control systems with self learning capabilities will be made by full scale engine testbed trials. The Workpackage has strong links with WP1: Extreme Parameter Engine and WP3: Turbocharging and also with Workpackage 5: Exhaust Emissions Reduction and Workpackage 6: Overall powertrain optimization.
The Workpackage 8 consists of two Tasks:
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