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Danish Technical University
The Department of Mechanical Engineering (DTU/MEK) is an internationally recognized Department at the Technical University of Denmark. MEK's research activities are centered on efficient exploitation of renewable energy resources such as biomass, wind and waves, efficient energy transformation in combustion engines, energy transport, and energy consumption including refrigeration and indoor environment optimization. The Department offers attractive study opportunities for skilled international engineering students.
Riso is a national laboratory at the Technical University of Denmark with about 660 employees. DTU/Riso carries out scientific and technical-scientific research that can provide new opportunities for technological development. DTU/Riso does research into several new energy technologies - from solar cells of plastic to fusion energy. DTU/Riso also does research into the minimization of the environmental harm of traditional combustion technologies and how to reduce energy consumption. The work in the Optics and Plasma Department is concentrated on optical diagnostics. Non-contact temperature and gas measurements, design and use of optical systems in industrial combustion systems and flames is a part of the Laboratory expertise.

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