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Aalto University

"Helsinki University of Technology", TKK, as of 1st January 2010 merged with the "Helsinki School of Economics" and the "University of Art and Design Helsinki" into a foundation-based "AaltoUniversity".Helsinki University of Technology (TKK) is the leading technical university in Finland. It was founded in 1849 and it received university status in 1908. TKK has twelve faculties, nine separate institutes, 19 degree programmes, 250 professors, 15 000 under- and postgraduate students. 961 Masters' degrees was awarded and 130 doctorates in 2004. Total funding from state and other sources was 225 million euros in 2005.
The research work will be carried out in three different laboratories:
Internal Combustion Engine Laboratory is a future oriented educational and research unit in the multidisciplinary field of engines. It has the most modern experimental laser equipment and computational tools, CFD, for engine research. The laboratory has a unique medium-speed single-cylinder research engine in the laboratory, EVE-engine, and an optical single-cylinder high-speed engine for combustion development, beside normal research engines. The number of staff is exceeding 20 people.

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