Framework Programme 7 for R&D
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  Workpackage 1: Extreme Parameters Engines
  Task 1.1
  Task 1.2
  Workpackage 2: Combustion
  Workpackage 3: Turbocharging
  Workpackage 5: Exhaust Emission Reduction
  Workpackage 6: Overall power train optimization
  Workpackage 7: Advanced Materials, Friction and Wear
  Workpackage 8: Electronics and Control
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Task 1.1: Development of engines for extreme load conditions


  • To develop and test components specially designed for operation at extreme load conditions of 35% higher firing pressure (up to 300 bar) and 25% higher mean piston speed (up to 12 m/s) compared to the similar existing products, and to study the effect on the engine performance and emissions.
  • To study and validate the influence of advanced working cycles on engine performance and emissions utilizing variable valve parameters.
  • To develop advanced in-cylinder measurement techniques

Partners: Componenta Pietarsaari MS Oy
Helsinki University of Technology
Wartsila Finland OY
Kistler Instrumente AG (EXAG)
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