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Miba Gleitlager GmbH
Miba is one of the leading strategic partners for the international engine and automotive industry. The company products - sintered components, bearings and friction materials - can be found all over the world in vehicles, trains, ships, aircraft and power stations. Miba technology makes them more efficient, safer and more environmentally-friendly. The Miba Gleitlager GmbH produces engine slide bearings for heavy duty truck engines, medium speed engines up to large 2 stroke engines. A research & development centre is located in Laakirchen and equipped with a chemical, a metallurgical lab, simulation and engineering tools as well as experimental production equipment. The Laakirchen site is where Miba was originally founded. It now hosts the headquarter of Miba AG as well as the Miba European bearing production. Today Laakirchen is the largest production site within the Miba Bearing Group. The Laakirchen site produces engine bearings for the following applications: Heavy duty truck engines, Earth-moving equipment, Diesel locomotives, Industrial and marine engines.

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