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Sandvik Powdermet AB
Sandvik is a global industrial group with advanced products and world-leading positions in selected areas. During 2006 the Group had 42,000 employees, representation in 130 countries and sales of more than SEK 72,000 M. Sandvik Powdermet focuses on materials technology. It develops, produces and supplies hot isostatic processed powder metallurgy components. The division employs 13 persons in Surahammar, Sweden. Sandvik Powdermet is the world leading company in Powder Metallurgy (PM) Hot Isostatic processed (HIP) Near Net Shaped (NNS) components ranging from 100 grams to 15 tonnes in high alloyed steels, stainless steels, Ni and Co base alloys and Metal Matrix Composites (MMC). The company's business vision is to lead the expansion of HIPed NNS Components through active developing and marketing components with complex geometry, short reliable delivery combined with design flexibility and tailor-made properties.
Sandvik Powdermet produces monolithic metallic components by using powder metallurgical Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP). Sandvik Powdermet produces also components with multimaterial structures, a unique material group that can be utilized in the production of optimum, functionally tailored material profiles for various applications. Multimaterial structures can be produced by using Hot Isostatic Pressing, spray-forming, brazing or various weld cladding methods. Hot Isostatic Pressing is the most flexible method, because it can be used to produce both thin and thick coatings.

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