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Tampere University of Technology
Tampere University of Technology, Institute of Hydraulics and Automation (IHA) is one of the biggest institutes in TUT. The cornerstones of IHA's activities are international high-level research into hydraulics and automation, supported and appreciated by industry, and high-level university education in hydraulics and automation aiming to produce candidates of technology, MSc's in technology, and doctors of technology for the needs of industry and research institutes.
The Institute of Signal Processing is an educational and research unit of Tampere University of Technology, Tampere, Finland. As the institute is the largest one (~170 professors, researchers, and research assistants) in the field of signal processing in Finland, the institute aims at organizing and carrying out advanced teaching and research in the signal processing area broadly viewed as methods and algorithms for analyzing, manipulating and presenting natural information. Research activities include not only classical topics such as speech, audio, image, and video processing, but it continues to expand to include exotic fields, such as genomic signal processing, biomedical signal measurements, future interactive TV and multimedia indexing and retrieval. The institute has participated several European research projects in the past and presently and it holds the Center of Excellence status in signal processing nominated by the Academy of Finland.

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