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Wartsila Schweiz AG
Wartsila develops, designs and manufactures competitive engine and propulsion products, along with solutions based on these. In its R&D activities, Wartsila's goal is to achieve a leading position in engine technology, and specifically in the areas of environmental technology, reliability, operational economy and automation. The engine portfolio comprises both engines of Wartsila design as well as engines designed together with the company's partners. Future development priorities include the design, integration and automation of total systems. Wartsila maintains an effective and flexible manufacturing structure designed to cope with variable market demand by deploying internal and external capacity accordingly. Wartsila works in close collaboration with its partners and suppliers to ensure optimal component deliveries as demand fluctuates. A top priority in this context is to ensure component availability.
The main R&D centre for 2-stroke technology is located in Winterthur, Switzerland. Manufacturing of 2-stroke engines takes place primarily in Asia through qualified engine makers licensed by Wartsila. This business model offers quick response and the minimum of logistics for the shipyards.

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