Framework Programme 7 for R&D
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  Workpackage 1: Extreme Parameters Engines
  Workpackage 2: Combustion
  Workpackage 3: Turbocharging
  Task 3.1
  Task 3.2
  Workpackage 5: Exhaust Emission Reduction
  Workpackage 6: Overall power train optimization
  Workpackage 7: Advanced Materials, Friction and Wear
  Workpackage 8: Electronics and Control
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Workpackage 3: Turbocharging
In Workpackage 3: Turbocharging, experimental configurations with multiple stages will be further developed based on the experience in I.P. HERCULES (A) and will be installed on test engines. Electric power-take-in (PTI) arrangements for large size turbochargers to provide boost at part load and off-design operation, will be developed placing emphasis on high-speed bearing technology. Variable geometry stages will be tested in heavy-fuel burning engines. Specific control strategies will be investigated on a test bed, to optimize engine and turbocharger geometry for effective charging at every operating condition, as needed by the efficiency and emissions requirements. This WP3 is closely related to WP1: Extreme Parameter Engines and has links to WP5: Exhaust Emission Reduction, to WP7: Advanced Materials Friction and Wear and WP8: Electronics and Control.
The Workpackage 3 consists of two Tasks:
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