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  Workpackage 1: Extreme Parameters Engines
  Workpackage 2: Combustion
  Workpackage 3: Turbocharging
  Workpackage 5: Exhaust Emission Reduction
  Workpackage 6: Overall power train optimization
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  Workpackage 7: Advanced Materials, Friction and Wear
  Workpackage 8: Electronics and Control
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Workpackage 6: Overall power train optimization
The concept of total energy economy onboard ship considers all energy flows at various operating conditions. Regarding the powertrain this has two levels of detail: The better utilization of fuel energy, by recovery of exhaust gas heat through compounding and further, the overall optimization of the propulsive efficiency by considering the engine / propulsor / ship interaction and designing for realistic service conditions.
In Workpackage 6: Overall Powertrain Optimization, a new concept of compound design involving a close-coupled boiler on the high pressure side of the engine will be investigated, on a prototype engine. The overall system has potential for large increases in overall efficiency. Aspects of integration and control during engine transients due to higher thermal inertia will be examined. Overall ship propulsion simulation models including engine, propeller and hull modules will be extended to include off-design and transient conditions and validated with measured data. They will be used to demonstrate optimum subsystem selection for increased fuel efficiency and reduced emission of a ship under various realistic operating scenarios (weather, fouling, navigation, ice, loads). The WP6 has links to WP8: Electronics and Control.
The Workpackage 6 consists of two Tasks:
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